Why does it keep asking if I failed?

Do you keep getting a message asking what happened, and if you failed, even though you marked everything complete?

That means that you have a day that is still not fully marked complete. After you see the screen asking what happened, it will return you to the incomplete task list. You’ll need to mark everything complete so that it can move forward to the current day.

There are two common causes of this:

A. You didn’t add a progress pic. You need to add a progress pic by tapping the camera icon icon on the progress pic task.


B.You missed a day and are a day behind in the app. You’ll need to mark the list complete so it can move forward to the next day. You can check to confirm what day you should be on by checking your start date on the thumbnail for your current attempt on the progress screen. Check a calendar to see what day you should be on.

or less commonly:

C. You changed your end time to a later time after a day had recently ended. You were already on the next day, so the new day ended shortly after, and the app thinks it’s incomplete.

Here is the solution for it:

1. Mark everything for today complete. (probably easiest to do this all at once). It should switch over to the next day immediately after the success screen.

2. When it does, go to your settings and change your end of day time to a time in the recent past, like 15 minutes ago. What that will do is extend the new day until it reaches that time again, which will be tomorrow.

3. Tomorrow, before that new end time you set, go change the end-of-day back to your desired time.

That’s it, you should now be back on track and not receive any more “What Happened” messages.