My app is stuck on yesterday.

Did you add your progress pic?
Make sure you’ve completed the daily progress pic task by adding your daily progress pic. To add it, tap the camera icon on that task.

Did you change your end of day time setting recently?
If you changed your end-of-day time to an earlier time that has already passed before a day has ended, it won’t end the day until the next instance of that time, which would be the following day. When changing your end of day setting, please pay close attention to the confirmation screen that shows the result of the change before confirming it.

The workaround to fix this without editing your progress would be:

1. Go to your settings and set your end of day time for 3-5 minutes from now.

2. Close the app, and open it a few minutes after the time you set. It should have moved you on to the next day.

3. Go and change your end of day time back to tonight whenever you want it to be.