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75 Hard Program

Answers to common questions about the 75 Hard program. Diet, workouts, rules, and phases.


How to use the 75 Hard app to track your progress. Common questions and tips on using the app.


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General Program Questions

Can I change the daily tasks?

No. Every task in the program is there for a reason. The program is designed to be done with zero substitutions and zero compromises.

Is 75 Hard a fitness or weight loss program?

No. 75 Hard is a mental toughness program that will help you build the mental discipline you need to succeed in all areas of your life, including your fitness and weight loss goals. But the program itself is not designed as a specific fitness or weight loss program. You will however, most likely see some very pleasant physical changes in your fitness and physique at the end of the program as a bonus.

I'm just starting 75 Hard. Should I start on Phase 1?

No, Phase 1 comes after 75 Hard. Think of 75 Hard as the intense bootcamp to prepare you to take on the other phases of the year-long program.

Do I have to share my progress pics?

No. You can take them for yourself. You can post anywhere if you like, but not required. I would recommend taking your photos in “acceptable” attire and not just underwear or bra & panties because you’ll want to share the photos when you complete it!

Can I start any day that I want?

Yes! You do not need to wait for any special date to start. The best time to start is now. Don’t tell yourself that you’re waiting until you’re “ready” because you will always find an excuse to tell yourself about why you’re putting it off.

I'm pregnant. Can I still do 75 Hard?

1)You’ll want to consult your doctor.
2)You can start but during your recovery you’ll need to break anyway so you’ll want to recover from pregnancy then start the program over head on.

Do audiobooks count as reading?

No. You must be reading an actual book with your eyes (or by touch if you are vision impaired). It’s too easy to get distracted by your environment or roaming thoughts while reading an audio book and not pay attention. Additionally, setting aside the time for reading will help you to develop your time management skills, as reading an actual book will not allow for multitasking. Focus.

Any tips on preparing for 75 Hard?

Don’t over think it. Just start. Plan your day the night before – what times you’ll workout, if you need to pack a gym bag to go to work, what you’ll eat, etc. For your meals – keep it simple. Always get a lean source of protein, complex carbs like sweet potato or rice and green veggies. (If you’re doing Keto or another diet you’ll need to plan according to that)

I struggle with self-discipline, focus, and impulse control. Advice on succeeding with 75Hard?

You have already identified your struggles. It’s time to face them head on. Get an accountability partner that you’ll chat with daily. Through this program you will develop mental toughness that will spread to all areas of your life.

Where can I learn more about the phases that come after 75 Hard?

Andy released a thorough and informative podcast on the additional phases:


Does a 45 minute outdoor walk count as my outdoor workout?

Yes! Just make sure that you’re walking with intention, not just out for a leisurely stroll.

Does exercising in my garage/covered patio count as an outdoor workout?

No. The purpose of the outdoor workout is to push yourself to expose yourself to the potential unpleasantness of the elements. It’s more than just the exercise. You are training yourself to take on tasks regardless of what stands in your way. This translates to every other aspect of your life. If you can follow through on a workout in the rain or sun or snow, you’ll find that you won’t let other inconveniences stop you as you work toward other goals in your life either.

*Obviously, there are sometimes when being outdoors could lead to personal injury or death. Do not do anything stupid, like go running through a lightning storm or get battered by hail or sucked up by a tornado. If conditions outside are dangerous, wait until they improve or find a suitable alternative that day. Don’t put your health or life at risk.

Can I just do a single 90 minute workout instead of two 45 minute workouts?

No, your workouts need to have a break in between.

I need ideas for my outdoor workouts.

Resistance band workouts, outdoor yoga, ride a bike, walk in the woods, jump rope, body weight outdoor workout, walk on your country road or neighborhood, jumping jacks paired with sprints, fence post runs, you can make anything into a workout.

Diet & Water

What diet should I choose?

You don’t need to necessarily stick to a specific fad diet. You can absolutely follow a defined plan if you find one that fits with your personal goals and body, but in general, your goal should be healthy, clean eating. Be conscious of what you’re eating, don’t just grab fast food and snacks mindlessly. Counting macros is great too, as long as you’re being mindful about what you’re eating and drinking.

Someone told me a gallon of water is too much.

If you’re doing two 45 minute workouts a day, it’s important to maintain proper hydration levels. The water will also help to flush toxins from your body and has numerous health benefits.  *If you are advised by your physician to not drink that much water because of an existing health condition, please always follow the advice of your physician or healthcare professional.

Can I add flavoring to my water?

No. Plain water. It’s not that hard, trust me. Just drink water. It’s the most natural thing for all life on earth to drink. You’re not too good for it. You don’t need to add sweeteners and flavors.

Can I drink diet soda?

Yes, since it doesn’t have sugars, a diet soda is okay. It doesn’t count toward your water intake though.

Is coffee allowed?

Yes, but be sure you account for any creamer/sugar you use. Liquid calories are still calories.

How do I stop binge eating?

Give your body the nutrients it needs. If you have a diet of simple carbs, sugars, etc. your body is craving nutrient dense food. When you get a healthy diet in play that is protein rich you’ll feel full much longer and won’t have the desire to snack.


Where can I see my previous pics and notes?

Tap on the calendar icon to view your progress screen. Then tap any previous day to see your progress pic and notes from that day.

Are my progress pics shared on Instagram automatically? Can any other users see them?

No. Your photos are private, and are just for you. You can use the sharing option to share your success screen or progress pics to your IG story easily, but this never happens automatically. No other users can see your pictures, and they are not shared or used in any other way other than how you choose to use them.

I checked off all my tasks. When does it go to the next day?

You will continue to see the checklist for your current day until the end of the day. The default time for this to happen is midnight, unless you have set a different time. This allows you extra time to add notes for the day.

My app is stuck on yesterday.

Is your app still on yesterday’s list, but you marked everything complete, and added your progress pic?

This issue is most often caused when someone changes their end-of-day time to an earlier time that has already passed before their day has ended.

The workaround to fix this without editing your progress would be:

1. Go to your settings and set your end of day time for 5 minutes from now.

2. Close the app, and come back in 10 minutes or so.

3. It should have moved you on to the next day.

4. Go and change your end of day time back to tonight whenever you want it to be.

You should be on the correct day and can mark everything from today complete.

If you need any help or have questions, please feel free to create a support ticket and we will be happy to help you out!

How can I edit my progress?

Whether you started on the wrong day or need to start over, you can edit your progress at any point with the following steps:
1. Tap the calendar icon at the top of the checklist screen to view your progress.
2. Tap ‘Settings’ at the top right of the progress screen to go to your settings.
3. Tap ‘Edit Progress’ and you’ll be taken to the progress editing screens.

I'm just starting 75 Hard. Should I start on Phase 1?

No, Phase 1 comes after 75 Hard. Think of 75 Hard as the intense bootcamp to prepare you to take on the other phases of the year-long program.

Do I have to share my progress pics?

No. You can take them for yourself. You can post anywhere if you like, but not required. I would recommend taking your photos in “acceptable” attire and not just underwear or bra & panties because you’ll want to share the photos when you complete it!

Why does it keep asking if I failed?

Do you keep getting a message asking what happened, and if you failed, even though you marked everything complete?

There are two common causes of this:

1. You didn’t add a progress pic. You need to add a progress pic by tapping the camera icon iconon that task.


2. You changed your end time to a later time after a day had recenty ended. You were already on the next day, so the new day ended shortly after, and the app thinks it’s incomplete.

Here is the solution for it:

1. Mark everything for today complete. (probably easiest to do this all at once). It should switch over to the next day immediately after the success screen.

2. When it does, go to your settings and change your end of day time to a time in the recent past, like 15 minutes ago.

3. What that will do is extend the new day until it reaches that time again, which will be tomorrow.

4. Tomorrow, before that new end time you set, go change the end-of-day back to your desired time.

That’s it, you should now be back on track and not receive any more “What Happened” messages.


If you have any questions, please file a support ticket and we will be happy to help you out.

I finished 75 Hard but don't want to do phase 1. How can I do 75 Hard again?

Congratulations on finishing 75 Hard!

The daily routine in Phase 1 includes everything from 75 Hard so you won’t be missing out on anything, and it will push you to develop more mental toughness traits after getting used to the daily routine of 75 Hard. Andy recently released a helpful podcast episode about what to do after you finish 75 Hard, and the benefits of continuing in the program with the additional phases as it’s designed to be done:

If you still want to restart 75 Hard, the you can go back and restart 75 Hard by editing your progress in the settings screen. That will make your previous pics and notes inaccessible, but we will be adding the ability to see those in an update coming soon. You pics from your first round will not be deleted, and you’ll be able to see them soon.


Is there a recurring payment/subscription for the app?

No, there is not any recurring payment involved. The download is a 1-time purchase.

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